“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop” – Anon

Welcome to my site!

I though about changing the line above but why should I? It is apt. We are always on a journey and always trying to stand out when there is really nothing wrong with standing in, just depends on who you stand with. So Welcome!

I might not have the clarity of where I am going with this, but I had the idea to start. And what’s better than starting, right? It is always the first step to everything. So start! Today, right now. Right this moment. Whatever it be always wanted to do but thought it was too hard, too impossible, too much of it. Well, here’s a heads up, there’s room for everyone. Start with a word or a Number or a note or an equation or just clicking on “apply” . The point is to start and then take steps. It might seem like a little step, it probably is a little step but a step nonetheless. That puts you ahead already. It’s that easy.

I am a self proclaimed, perhaps an actual nerd. Although it seems that’s usually preserved for techies and programmers, I fully am one. I like to to know the process of everything. I will dig and dig till my eyes hurt , 👓 (my favorite, necessary , accessory). But I’m also exhausted. I want to do everything. But I don’t know how I’ll make time for it so I stress and push myself until I’m sick because That’s what I do. No more (unless I just can’t help myself .. Now playing in my head 🎶 I can’t get no  satisfaction by The Rolling Stones)

Yesterday, I stumbled on a TedTalks video on YouTube. Maybe it was fate because it melded into my recent state of mind and so many things that have happened recently. It has not changed my life ( it’s only been a day guys) but it has made me take my first step and want to do more. So here we are, like a baby I’m finding my footing.

I’m stepping !!


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